For Children & Teens

We offer clinical, therapeutic services that address personal emotional crises such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders; the additional challenges faced by those with special needs; difficulties adjusting to new or unexpected situations; conflicts in interpersonal relationships with parents, teachers, siblings, or peers; and/or the commonly shared challenges of growing up.

Individual Counseling

To learn about the different forms of therapy and counseling we offer for children and teens, please visit our Counseling & Therapy page.

Assessment of Abilities and Needs

Identification of strengths and emotional, social, psychological and/or academic needs.

Support Groups

JFS provides a wide array of support groups. Please visit our Support Groups page to learn more.

Early Childhood Intervention

Expert assessment, planning, and recommendations for children from birth through age three.

In-School Resources

Jewish Family Service provides on-site assessment, and parent and teacher consultation for students experiencing social or emotional difficulty adjusting to classes and/or the school environment. Please visit our In-School Resources page to learn more.

Social Skills Groups

Our licensed professionals facilitate social skills groups for children and adolescents, to help them learn to navigate the world of their feelings and relationships.

Speech-Language Therapy

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech and language deficits to help children develop better communication.

Care Management

For children and adolescents whose needs are best met by a care manager to coordinate services. The care manager will assess needs, abilities and resources; develop a plan for support, including external referrals if necessary; and monitor progress.

Therapeutic Group for Children Affected by Abuse

For children who are currently facing any type of abuse against themselves or a family member, or have in the past, our professional staff helps the children learn to manage their feelings and develop coping behaviors.

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