For Older Adults

Jewish Family Service provides a wide spectrum of services to help older adults remain independent in their communities for as long as they can function safely and effectively. For more information about all of the following services, please give us a call and/or click on the items listed below.

All offices for Older Adult Services are located at
16910 Dallas Parkway, Suite 116
Dallas, Texas 75248

Support Groups

JFS provides a wide array of support groups. Please visit our Support Groups page to learn more.

Services for Older Adults with Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease or Related Dementias


JFS professional staff now provides expanded care and services for individuals and families dealing with memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementias with the support of a grant from AWARE. Please click here for more information.

Assessment and Care Management

JFS professional staff assess the needs and capabilities of older adults, offering our own services, or making recommendations for physical care and living arrangements as appropriate.

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Our licensed professionals offer one-on-one counseling to address the unique needs of older adults, and to help them develop skills to better deal with these issues.

Community Chaplaincy

Jewish Family Service offers the availability of a Community Chaplain for those who are interested in addressing issues of a spiritual nature—or adding a spiritual component to services they are already receiving at the agency.

The Chaplain is available to meet with people of any faith to assist in times of transition or crisis, including end-of-life situations; visit the ill in hospitals or health-care facilities, or those receiving health-care at home; visit people in assisted-living facilities, nursing homes, or prison; and perform burial services for the indigent.

The Chaplain also works with hospice agencies including VITAS Healthcare, which is accredited by The National Institute for Jewish Hospice (

In addition, for those in the Jewish community, the Chaplain can serve as a bridge between the unaffiliated and the organized Jewish community.

For more information, contact Jewish Family Service at 972.437.9950.

Lifeline Emergency Response Service

For older or disabled adults, JFS provides Lifeline, a 24-hour-a-day emergency-response service.

Homemaker Services

JFS arranges for light housekeeping for individuals who are unable to clean their homes.


JFS volunteers and drivers take frail or immobile individuals to medical appointments.

Personal Resource Organizers (PRO)

When paperwork becomes overwhelming, JFS volunteers help clients balance their checkbooks, organize their bills and personal paperwork, and file insurance and medical forms.

Kosher Home-Delivered Meals

We deliver nutritious, kosher meals directly to seniors’ homes, helping them remain independent in their community. This project is offered in conjunction with the Dallas Area Agency on Aging.

Assistance to Holocaust Survivors

Jewish Family Service provides professional help and limited homemaker, home-health, transportation, and emergency assistance to qualified Holocaust survivors to help maintain independence.

Counseling for Adult Children of Older Adults

Our professional staff help adult children of older adults better understand the needs of their parents, and help them plan for the future.

Psychiatric Consultation

JFS can provide psychiatric assessment as appropriate.

Mental Health Addiction Counseling

Open to anyone in need, JFS offers comprehensive services to older adults with addiction disorders including substance abuse and dependence, eating disorders, sexual addiction, self-harm and other addictive behaviors.

These services address related mental health issues such as suicidality, depression and anxiety and include support for family members.

  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavioral Treatment
  • Recovery Support
  • Psychotherapy Groups
  • Family Support

This specialized community resource will help those battling addictive behaviors find help and hope for as long as needed.


JFS acts as legal guardian for people who can no longer make informed decisions and have no family members available to take over affairs on their behalf. Once we become the legal guardian for an individual, we are committed to acting just as a concerned family member would—for the rest of the individual’s life. We provide case management; advising on controversial issues, turning to an ethics committee as necessary; monitor medical, housing, psychological, and legal needs; oversee estate issues; and provide an annual accounting to the probate court.

Information and Referral

JFS provides help regarding benefits and finding community resources.

Senior Resource Connect


Looking for Older Adult Services in other communities? Senior Resource Connect, a service of the AJFCA network, provides information and resources to assist older adults and caregivers in discussing their needs with aging services professionals. Check out this one-stop connection to local service providers.

Indigent Burial

Jewish Family Service’s Indigent Burial Program ensures that indigent members of the Dallas area Jewish community will be able to have a Jewish funeral. The term “indigent” refers to individuals with no income or extremely low income.

The program utilizes Sparkman-Hillcrest Funeral home (with special fee arrangements) and three cemeteries: Temple Emanu-El, Congregation Shearith Israel, and Tiferet Israel. Jewish Family Service monitors a rotation between the three cemeteries. The Indigent Burial Fund is maintained and administered by The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas.

When a request for the Indigent Burial Program arises, the family or responsible individual should contact the Coordinator of Services for the Elderly. She will see the family either later that day or first thing the following morning. This appointment is necessary to determine whether the deceased individual or family qualifies as “indigent,” since the deceased’s spouse, children, siblings, and/or parents are expected to pay for a funeral, if possible.